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About Me

Hi! My name is Rashel Fitchett and I am a the creator of Pacific Crest Silver. I am a silversmith currently living in Anacortes Wa with plans to pack it up and move to the mountains very soon.

I  specialize in building colorful semi-precious statement jewelry and have been doing so since 2015 when a magical experience hiking a section the Pacific Crest Trail led to me back toward my interest in becoming a ring-maker.

I love coffee, chocolate, and natural products for my home. Three dogs keep me company in my daily activities and when I am not smithing, I am running, doing yoga, meditating, or working on my property in the North Cascade Mountains. 

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A Tale

Two Garnets on the Pacific Crest Trail

Garnet, Pacific Crest Silver, Hiking, Silversmith

The genesis of my silversmithing journey was found on the Pacific Crest Trail when I spied two sparkling garnets lying in the middle of the dusty boot path. I sought out a silversmith to set the garnets into sterling silver and ended up learning how to create hand wrought jewelry myself.

I've always wanted to work with metal. I've looked into it many times, but just never found open doors. When I found the garnet on the Pacific Crest Trail, the timing was right, and the all the doors flew open and a path led me straight to the art form. I was meant to work silver at this very moment in my life. 

I now work in a studio in my home and have fallen in love with ring-making. I use copious amount of turquoise in my shop and also have recently formed a strong attention toward gemstones in the season's top trending colors. 

Thank you for visiting and reading my story. Feel free to reach out anytime. I'm just a regular girl and love sharing my passion for stones with others. 


Section K of Washington State's Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail, Hiking, Turquoise Ring

This turquoise ring made the journey with us.