Anacortes Etsy Mastermind

What is a Mastermind?

A exclusive group of 6 business owners living in Anacortes WA who meet regularly to advise, collaborate, network, brainstorm, and provide each other with a sense of community.

What are the benefits for team members?

  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to get feedback 
  • Accountability
  • Goal achievement
  • Gaining mentors & friends

A good Etsy Mastermind candidate is the following:

  • Dedicated to an effective online presence
  • Wants to learn from others
  • Likes to help others
  • A shop owner who wants to grow revenue
  • a positive minded person

Collaborate with other etsy sellers

Facebook Meeting Place

We will also meet on Facebook where we will be able to contact each other during the month. In this space we can share resources likes books, online classes, articles, podcasts, etc. We can also ask quick questions of each other and get the feedback we need from other small business owners.

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