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Turquoise Heart Ring. Size 7 Wide Band

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Stones: Turquoise
Moh's Hardness: 5-6
Stone includes fissures/inclusions: No
Pits: Yes
Flash or Iridescence: No
Measurements of finished item: 1 3/16" x 1 1/16"
Approximate Weight of finished item: 18.5 grams
Main Colors: Blue-Green with Brown webs
Design: Shiny round beads, forged conchos, and chunky marked borders
Ring Band Type: Triple-Split, Contoured
Ring Band Width: approximately 7.5 mm
Wide Band Ring Size: 7


  • Makers Mark & year stamped on undercarriage
  • High-Quality Polishing Cloth
  • Eco-Friendlier Packaging and Business Card
  • Customer Service: Excellent 

Other special things about the history of your piece of jewelry:

  • Your piece of jewelry was created during the Full Sturgeon Moon.
  • It was also built during a historic global pandemic (Covid-19: Omicron BA.4 & BA5)
  • And it was created in mid-summer deep within the Okanogan Forest in Washinton State
  • Magickal Correspondences: Dreamwork, Intuition, water element, Neptune, Yin energy, Queen of Cups, Crown Chakra, Winter, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer
  • Tarot on my bench the week your ring was started:  9 of Pentacles, King of Pentacles, Queen of Swords (the meaning of each are easily found on YouTube. My favorite channel on YouTube is Contemporary Tarot)
  • Flora near your jewelry this month: Goldenrod, Aspen Fleabane
  • Animal/Insect appearance:  Rattlesnake, Bat, Deer, Raven
  • Music I listened to while making your jewelry: Hits from 2010-2015
  • Other items I listened to while building your jewelry: If You Tell by Gregg Olson (audiobook)

        BENEFITS :
        Aids in expressing your authentic sense of self through ornamentation 
        Heavy Duty nature will make this item last generations
        Large ring top is properly supported (if applicable)
        Fits more comfortably than non-contoured wide bands (if applicable)
        Markings remind you and others of its artisan quality and provide a history for your piece of jewelry
        Ability to keep your piece of jewelry less-tarnished
        Reduction of your carbon footprint



        1. This item ships USPS First Class. All jewelry items ship fully insured (domestic only). Other options available at checkout. Please choose Signature Delivery for extra protection.
        2. Wide bands 6mm or wider need to be ordered in about a 1/2 size larger than your normal size.
        3. Always obtain your ring sizes from a professional jeweler (for both thin and wideband sizes).
        4. Colors in photos may appear different due to lighting, monitor color, etc.
        5. Please contact Pacific Crest Silver with ANY problems at
        6. While wearing a ring, avoid abrasives, sharp objects, prolonged direct UV light, heat, pressure, and chemicals (soaps, lotions, oils, foams, etc).
        7. No refunds on deposits or custom rings.
        8. International buyers are responsible for all costs related to international shipments. I am unable to mark items as gifts.