Autumn Inspiration

Autumn is my favorite season. Burnt Orange is my favorite color. Turquoise is my favorite stone. So when this time of year rolls around, I always head for my wooden tray full of amber and toss a handful of turquoise into it. Then I sit down to play & design jewelry.

But Autumn just isn’t long enough. So I started the Autumn collection early this year and told myself it was okay because that would give many of you an opportunity to wear your Autumn inspired piece of hand crafted jewelry ALL season long.

Many times it takes me so long to complete a collection that the seasons nearly over by the time I get them ready for you to take home. Maybe that’s why fashion designers are always a season ahead and never seem to creating new designs in the actual season they were meant to be worn.

Anyhoo…when I am totally feeling the vibes, like with amber & turquoise & my favorite orange sweater, I get deeply inspired. And I think it’s when I do my best work.

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