Pacific Crest Silver

Est. 2015 by Rashel Fitchett

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About the stones

All of my creative work starts with a stone. This month, the stones are based on a pink and white theme.  

Rainbow Moonstone will be the backdrop to all of my work over the next 6 weeks as it is a pretty accompaniment to stones in the soft pink family like pink agate, rhodochrosite, pink mabe pearl, and peruvian pink opal.

If you are interested in its magical correspondences I have chosen those that are associated with the color pink and the crystal labradorite (the real name for rainbow moonstone):

  • Heart Chakra
  • Love
  • Balance

Meet the creator

I so look forward to her Instagram posts to see her monthly jewelry collections that she draws out utilizing the actual stone and then watching the pieces come to life!


Absolutley stunning, even nicer in the flesh.


Unbelievable work, unbelievable lady!.


I love that Rashel aquires some of the highest quality moonstones. I'm always confident when I purchase a moonstone from Rashel!


She was so very helpful and patient with me in helping me decide just what I wanted.