Pacific Crest Silver

Est. 2015 by Rashel Fitchett

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The Sky Stone Collection

Release Date: May 26, 6pm Pacific

Custom slots for the Sky Stone Collection will be available here on Friday, May 26th at 6 pm Pacific. Each custom is held with a $100 deposit and will be finished by August. It will take me 8 weeks to finish the collecion. I make one custom per day and will place each custom in line after a deposit has been placed on a design and each client has returned my email with all the details I'll need to make the piece of jewelry perfect and Just For Them. In the meantime,

- Make an account here on my website

- Sign up for my email alerts (below) so you can get snag a spot in my next collection's calendar for custom made jewelry

-follow me on Instagram @rashel_fitchett

-read my highlights on Instagram to understand my work process

-interact with my instagram account so the algorithm will know you and I are "friends" :)

About the stones

All of my creative work starts with a stone. This month, that stone is agate. Specifically, plume agate doublets. This type of agate is a transparent chalcedony featuring white billowy inclusions and is layered atop a blue composite. In this manner, the resulting stone appears to be a bright blue sky full of clouds. Hence, I call them Sky Stones.

Because of their crisp, spring-like colors, I chose a bright white stone to go with them: rainbow moonstone. Remember, rainbow moonstone isn't moonstone at all. It's white labradorite.

After I gather a collection of stones, which can take me a year or more of cherry-picking the best stones on the market, I start pairing the stones into designs for jewelry.

I chose each of the stones here because they include one or more of the following :

  • bright white cloud-like inclusions
  • sky-like peeks of blue
  • incredible patterning
  • perfect shape and thickness

If you are interested in magickal properties of Agate and White Labradorite, consider the following aspects:

  • Vitality
  • Confidence

Meet the creator

I so look forward to her Instagram posts to see her monthly jewelry collections that she draws out utilizing the actual stone and then watching the pieces come to life!


Absolutley stunning, even nicer in the flesh.


Unbelievable work, unbelievable lady!.


I love that Rashel aquires some of the highest quality moonstones. I'm always confident when I purchase a moonstone from Rashel!


She was so very helpful and patient with me in helping me decide just what I wanted.