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1 Hour Consult via Zoom

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1 Hour Consult via Zoom

 (M-F 10am Pacific)

Are you looking for someone to help you improve your ability to run a silversmithing business? Let's meet on Zoom for a 1 hour consultation. Here are some topics that creatives often want to talk with me about:

  • how to get started silversmithing

  • what platform to sell jewelry on

  • how to use Instagram to find clients who want their jewelry

  • how to organize the jewelry-making process

  • how to set up a home studio

  • how to deal with difficult clients

  • how to create a living wage

A creative small business owner faces endless problems when he or she is trying to earn a living wage. In my years as a silversmith, dating back to 2015, I have encountered many problems and have had to find ways to solve each one. I did so by trying new things over and over. It has taken me years to get it all lying flat. 

Want to skip some of those challenges? I can help.

I have years of experience in the following:

  • silversmithing (2015-present)
  • Using Instagram to showcase my work and meet my clients
  • Selling jewelry on Etsy 
  • Selling my jewelry on my own website (Shopify)
  • Customer service in the online environment
  • Managing custom jewelry collections
  • Jewelry collection design
  • Inventory management
  • Studio management 

Want to sit down and talk about your small business? I LOVE this stuff. So, let's do it. 

What to do next:

  1. Purchase this 1 hr consult.
  2. Check your email about 24 hours after that (M-F).
  3. Reply to my email.
  4. Meet me on Zoom on the agreed-upon date at 10am Pacific.