Stone Reservations


You are PREVIEWING the Amber and Turquoise Collection

Please peruse each listing and note they read "Sold Out". They ARE NOT SOLD OUT. I just have them listed that way so you can't purchase them yet. This is just a preview. They will all be available on Aug 18 at 6pm Pacific Time.

Until then, you are invited to do the following:

-Look through the designs and wait for one to pull you in

-Read all the details about the stone and the proposed design

-Click on the photo at the top of the listing and then scroll through all the photos of the stone & the sketch card. Read everything.

-Use this LINK to create an account so that when you come back on the release date you can check out quickly. Write it down somewhere. So many people forget their log-in information.

Please review other designs for your potential custom here: Learn more here.

Also, please learn your wide band ring size

A word about this collection: I chose each stone because it had something special about it. You will find stones in this collection that are...

- Massive -

- Perfectly shaped -

- Filled with rare color -


Sorry, there are no products in this collection