Design Your Custom Jewelry

Are you ready to design a piece of custom made jewelry? After you place a deposit on a stone or set of stones here in the Pacific Crest Silver webshop, its time to choose all of the embellishments you'd prefer to see on your new ring or pendant.

Review the following types of details and make note of the ones that you are drawn to so that when I send you a confirmation email and ask you if you want a design-change, you'll know JUST what to say :)

The Border

The border is the decorative metal that surrounds your gemstone like a picture frame. I offer the following types of borders:

  • Chunky Wire 

    • Arched Chunky Wire

    • Hand-twisted rope

    • Hand-twisted Rope and Chunky Wire

    • Beadwire

    • Beadwire and Chunky Wire

    • All Huge Beads (Shiny or Chaos)

    • All Conchos

      • I haven't made an all concho border yet, but I'm game if you are :)


    Your design may include embellishments. These decorative details can be placed around your stone to add further appeal. I offer:

    • Beads

      • Shiny
      • Chaos
      • Castings

        • Roses



        • Forged items

          • Crescents

          • Diamond Points
          • Conchos


        Now its time to decide if you want a certain type of stamping on your chunky borders (if you chose to include one in your jewelry design). Here are the stampings I currently offer:

        • Crow Feet

        • Radiating Crow Feet

        • Lines

          • Straight
          • Diagonal


          • Radiating


        • Dots


        • Hammer strikes


        • Aspen bark


        • Curves


        • X's


        Ring Band

        The last thing you could change on your ring design is the type of ring band. Each type has benefit and I'll explain it below.

        Single Band. Choose this option if you really dislike the feeling of a ringband on your finger. All of my rings are big, so suggest going a double-split at the very least.



        Double Split. This band is for those of you who don't know your wide band size or want a barely-there feel. Keep in mind, my stones are big, so barely-there isn't my niche, LOL.


        Triple Split. This is a Wide Width ring band. You need to see a professional jeweler to get your size. Or go to this link and purchase your own. It has 6 contact points, making it my most durable and heavy duty ring band.

        After you've reserved your favorite stones from my webshop, you will receive an email from me and I will ask you, "Do you want a design-change?" This is where you really get to personalize your custom and ask me to swap the sketched details I made for the ones you like better. I'll sketch the design and we'll go back and forth until you are happy.

        Happy designing!





        Awesome job on your line sheets! You are the Queen! 🌟🍀

        Hillary H

        This is really fantastic. I love the orderliness of it all (in addition to your craftsmanship). Thanks for laying it all out so clearly.

        Kathleen Lang

        This is so interesting and so helpful! I feel like I learned so much! Now I know how to identify the features of all my rings.

        And it’s great for when I order my next stone – I’m putting things together in my mind for a design.

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