Determine Your Bangle Size

A bangle bracelet is a mostly-inflexible ring-shaped bracelet that one slips over the hand and onto the wrist. They are made in many types of material, shapes, and sizes.

The size of the bangle, to get it to fit properly, takes a little bit of calculating. If the circle is too small, you won't be able to get it over your hand. If its too big, the circle will inconveniently slip off of your hand.

Before we start lets define two measurements you will need to understand:

-- Circumference - this will be the number of inches around the widest part of your hand. Think of it as an imaginary circle.

-- Diameter - This will be the inches across that imaginary circle, side to side.

After you know the circumference of that imaginary circle, you can figure out its diameter (I'll show you how down below). Then, you will be able to choose a perfectly fitting bangle. Not too tight. Not too loose.

So go get a cloth measuring tape or long piece of thread and a ruler and lets figure out your bangle-bracelet size. 

How to Determine Your Bangle Bracelet Size:

1. Close fingers together, bringing her thumb and little finger together (as though putting on a bangle).

2. Using a strip of paper or measuring tape, measure around the closed hand at the widest point, pulling the tape snug against the skin. If you are using a plain strip of paper, mark the paper with a pen, then measure the strip with a ruler. This is the circumference of your hand.

3. Find the hand circumference below

Then find the corresponding diameter measurement next to it. I will be noting the diameter of each bangle I make for you to review before you take one home. Use that number to choose the best fitting bangle for you.

If you measured very tightly, add 1/4" to the Diameter Measurement so that the bangle you choose will slip on easily.

Hand Circumference

Diameter Measurement

7 inches

2.22 inches

7.25 inches

2.3 inches

7.5 inches

2.38 inches

7.75 inches

2.46 inches

8 inches

2.54 inches

8.25 inches

2.62 inches

8.5 inches

2.7 inches

8.75 inches

2.78 inches

9 inches

2.86 inches



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