Larimar: A Rare Stone of Watery Blue

Larimar, or its more scientific name, Pectolite, is a rare blue stone that is only found in volcanic systems of the Dominican Republic. 

There are many characteristics of the stone and each person has a unique taste toward a specific characteristic.

For example, its comes in many different colors. A particular piece of Larimar you fall in love with may be due to its specific color. Here are a few shades you will find in Larimar:

  • White that blushes a hint of blue
  • light blue
  • brilliant blue
  • dark blue
  • green-blue
  • an array of greens

The most precious of stone colors is intense-blue and goes for a very pretty price. This is what kills me when I am searching for great Larimar, LOL. But I know to get truly exceptional pieces, I have to pay top dollar to the lapidary artist, who had to pay top dollar to the mineral seller, who had to pay top dollar to the miner. I get it.

The stone also includes patterns such as:

  • webs
  • circles
  • landscape-like images
  • little speckles
  • wavy lines
  • large fields of plain color
  • radiating lines
  • arching lines

Larimar is a moderately hard stone with a Mohs scale of 4.5-5 which is about the hardness of ordinary steel or tooth enamel. This means, if you run it up against a material that is harder, like glass or concrete, you can scratch it.

So when you are looking for the perfect piece of Larimar jewelry, keep these things in mind. You'll have a much deeper connection with your bauble and be way happier.

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