Learn Your Cuff Size

Here is what I suggest you do before taking a cuff home:

  • Find a flexible measuring tape, like one a tailor would use to measure your waist size.
  • Wrap the tape around your wrist just below the wrist bone. Leave the tape a little loose, similar to how you'd like a cuff to fit
  • Now read the number in inches
  • Then look at the chart and find your size

Cuff Size Chart

Now that you have your size let's review an example of the measurements of a Baltic Amber Cuff that that I made recently so that you understand how the actual cuff corresponds to your wrist. This information is important for understanding how ALL cuffs are made.

Turquoise Cuff

The cuff was a size Large. This is because the inner circumference (or the distance of the metal on the inside, from end to end) measured 5 1/2 inches. But there was a gap at the ends of the metal, and that gap was 1 inch wide. And it's an important element of the cuff. You will use the gap to slip the cuff over your wrist. So, the inner circumference of the cuff was 5 1/2" plus the 1" gap, which, in total, measures 6.5 inches, making it a Large, according to my sizing chart. It will fit perfectly on a wrist that measures 6.5" around.

Cuff Size

Can you bend it to fit?

A little. If you do, keep the following notes in mind:

  • to reduce the size, use both hands to press evenly on each side of the cuff to make the gap more narrow. Keep in mind that you still need to be able to slip it over your wrist
  • to increase the size, use both hands to gently pull the sides farther apart, widening the gap
  • when you have the size just as you prefer, leave it. Bending silver over and over again weakens its strength and could cause it to break

How do you get the cuff on?

Slide the gap over the lowest part of your forearm, then turn the cuff so its top is visible to you. Slide the cuff up or down, depending on where you want to wear it. I wear simple narrow cuffs at the base of my wrist. I wear thick cuffs above my wrist bone. This is a personal preference of course.

I hope this helps with any cuff sizing questions you have. If not, feel free to ask me a question here.

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