Stone Shapes

I use flat backed cabochons in the jewelry that I build. Most of the cabochons (stones) are big and chunky. I also use a variety of shapes when designing my jewelry. Take a look at each one here and get familiar with their names. By doing so, you will be able to choose a ring or pendant that you love.

  • round 
    Plume Agate Ring
  • oval 
    Labradorite Ring
  • crescent 
    Baltic Amber Turquoise Cuff
  • drop 
    Baltic Amber Ring
  • cushion 
    Fossil Coral Ring
  • square 
    Red Coral Ring
  • heart 
    Turquoise Heart Ring
  • half circle 
    Plume Agate Ring
  • kite 
    Fossil Ammonite Ring
  • marquis 
    Marquis Cabochon
  • trillion 
    Plume Agate Ring

When your eye is drawn to one shape over and over again, that is a good sign your intuition is telling you that the shape is the right one for you.

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