The Custom Jewelry Process

Do you want me to make a piece of jewelry that is Just For You? I can totally do that. However, before starting that process with me, there are a few actions you need to take: 

Create an account on my website. Store your log-in information somewhere where you can find it. Many clients have reported forgetting their log-in details and being unable to quickly put a deposit down on their favorite stone.

Visit the main page of my website, scroll down, find the Email Alert sign-up, and enter your email address.

Go to your Email program (Outlook, Gmail) and add to your contact list. This way, my email won’t go to your Junk Folder.

When you get a Collection Release Email, take note of the day and time the stones will be available. Then use the links in the text to preview the stones.

Find a stone that draws you in and visit its Listing Page.

Look at each photo.

Read all the text.  

Come back to the Webshop on the day and time of the Release. Log in early.

Refresh your browser page at the time of the release. 

Add the item to your cart.


Wait for an email from me. It will arrive within 24 hours on Mondays - Fridays. If the collection release is on a Friday, your email will arrive on Monday.

Read the email and answer the question in a Reply Email.

  • What is your Wide Band ring size?
  • Do you want to change the ring design?
  • What is your Instagram Handle (account name)? If you prefer to not connect on Instagram, you do not need to share this information with me. If you do, I will add you to my Close Friends list, and you will see videos of the ring-making process that only clients see.

How quickly you get back to me will determine how early in the month I will make your jewelry. 

I make your jewelry. Keep in mind I make the custom jewelry in groups until all the pieces are made.

I will then photograph your finished piece of jewelry and take note of its specific details (wide band size, measurements of the ring top, weight, etc.).

I will put your item in the Webshop and send you an email with a link to your item.

You will then go to the Webshop and preview the piece of jewelry. If you love it and it is perfect, place it in your cart and check out.

On the rare occasion, you do not like how your ring turned out, send me an email and ask me for a Shop Credit. I will move your piece to the Ready To Ship area of my Webshop for anyone to purchase. You may use this credit on another custom or a Ready To Ship item in the future. 

After check-out, I ship your item within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

So, as you can see, the process requires a lot of action on my part and your part. But it works. And I find my clients are delighted with the seamless method of creating the perfect piece of jewelry made Just For Them.

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Hello, is it to late to order from the Larimer collection?

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