Rashel Fitchett

Standard-Width Ring Band Finger Gauge Set

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This set of metal finger gauges includes sizes 1 through 15 and all half sizes.

This gauge set is for Pacific Crest Silver clients who do not want a wide band on their statement ring. In this case, I will build a double split ring shank that is heavy duty but less than 6mm in width, so it will fit like a skinny ring shank. Send me questions at pacificcrestsilver@gmail.com if you have questions about this.

The benefit of having this exact gauge set is that I have the exact same set in my studio. If you know which gauge fits on the finger you want to wear your statement ring on, I will know exactly what size to make your ring. If one gauge is too tight and the next size up is too loose, I can do quarter sizes. Just let me know.